Leading Off (10/2/12)

Derek Holland Has Twitter Issues. Apparently while Holland was pitching (or sitting on the bench), someone somehow tweeted a homophobic slur using Holland’s Twitter account. What was the slur? The AP story doesn’t say. I get that they don’t want to print a slur, but couldn’t we at least be told what it rhymes with? Also confounding is this quote from Holland: “I’m pretty upset with the whole situation and me being accused of something I haven’t done. In case you haven’t seen, all I ever do write Chuck Norris facts or random facts, ‘a pig or a duck, you can’t hear its echo.’ I don’t ever write anything like that.” Gramatically and semantically so confusing.

Cowboys Lose. Speaking of things I can’t wrap my head around, the headline for this WFAA story reads (for now) “Romo Unable To Catch Passes From Romo, Cowboys Lose Big.” He threw five picks last night. Pretty sure that cost Zac a win in the office pool.

Local Man Gets Good Report on Daughter in Early Morning Parent-Teacher Conference. She’s a little chatty and sometimes forgets to raise her hand, but otherwise she’s killing first grade. (Sorry. That’s why Leading Off is late and only features two real items.)


  • Jennifer

    Give that little girl a pat on the back and an ice cream cone! 🙂

  • “Sometimes forgets to raise her hand.” She destined to lead.

  • Kk

    Reason #587 why it’s awesome to have your kids finished with grade school – no more parent teacher conferences. Woohoo!

  • Long Memory

    Note to self: Don’t follow Holland. Also, hope he pitches better in the playoffs.

  • Spartacus

    Re: WFAA article, I think that the point that the writer is trying to make is that you can’t blame everything for the team’s dismal performance last night on Romo. Hence, the nonsense hyperbole in the headline, suggesting (sarcastically) that Romo should be able to catch passes from himself but was unable to do so yesterday.

    That, or Belo has laid off all of the editors who were (arguably) able to write headlines.

  • towski

    @Tim Rogers – fess up, Tim. You barged into the conference throwing your weight around, asking that teacher if she knew who you were, and threatening an expose that would “tear this first grade house of cards into shreds”, didn’t you? And that makes me sad.

    • @towski: It’s almost like you were there. Eerie.

  • RossG

    Jerry wanted a “glory hole” season for the cowboys (http://frontburner.dmagazine.com/2012/07/30/jerry-wants-him-a-super-bowl-season/). I would say the Bears helped him out with the more familiar meaning, rather than the one from his oil days.

  • RAB


    It’s even worse than that. The less-wealthy parents of another child were supposed to have that parent-teacher slot. Tim cut in and took their place.