Leading Off (10/20/12)

Broken Ride at State Fair Strands 24 Riders 200 Feet in Air: Yes, State Fair organizers believe that this year’s event, which closed yesterday, may bring in more money than ever before, but it will be remembered for Burning Tex and the malfunctioning Stratosphere, which stranded riders for two hours Friday night, suspending them 200 feet in the air. Before coming to Texas, the ride was at fairs in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in both locations it also stalled. Paige Gomez was trying to conquer her fear of heights when she got on the ill-fated ride. “I was so scared it was just going to drop,” she told CBSDFW.com.

Guitars Acquired By Dallas Crooks in Ponzi Scheme Up For Auction: The lot going up for sale at Heritage Auction includes a rare left-handed 1958 Gibson Les Paul, believed to be one of only four like it ever made. The guitar, Forbes reports, is one of a number of rare instruments collected by a Dallas family that swindled $68 million out of unsuspecting investors in a Ponzi scheme masked as an oil and gas operation.

Mad Dash To Finish Deck Park: The grand opening of the Klyde Warren/Woodall Rodgers Deck Park is this coming weekend, and crews are working overtime to finish in time for the opening.

Thanks-Giving Square Founder Honored by United Nations: Peter Stewart will receive the Spirit of the United Nations Award today for his foundation’s work soliciting essays about gratitude from students across the country.


  • The new park sounds nice but I learned this from the article:

    “Parking will be a challenge, with only 23 spaces available – and two of those will be used by food trucks. So if you want to visit, DART is going to be the best bet.”

    Obviously the reporter did not further investigate if it was a Dart bus, or a Dart train that would go by the park, and I think that’s a big difference. I guess I’ll try and figure out the best way to get there. Obviously, leaving my vehicle at home as I don’t think it would be one of the fortunate 23.

  • Lee

    Considering the fact that the State Fair can increase the prices on everything, thereby increasing the ticket sales, I would be much more interested in the actual attendance. In years past the DMN had a small box that showed the daily attendance and the YTD compared to the prior year. That would be a greater measure of the Fair.