Leading Off (10/18/12)

Plano PE Teacher Accused Of Indecency With a Child. It’s at Martha Hunt Elementary, where convicted sex offender Joseph Garbarini molested two kindergarten girls in 2010.

Grand Prairie Businessman Charged With Bigamy. He was living with one wife in Grapevine, and the other in Arlington. Married twice and living in Grapevine AND Arlington? Let’s call it time served, huh?

Referee Banned From Garland ISD Athletic Events After Shushing Middle School Band. Kind of harsh, but I was in the middle school band once, so I know where the dude is coming from.


  • WTH

    What the HELL was a convicted sex offender doing teaching PE in the first place????!!!!!!!!

    • @WTH: Sorry, the guy who was picked up for the allegedly indecency doesn’t have a prior record (so far as I know). It’s the same school where the convicted sex offender committed his crime.

  • Long Memory

    A word of advice, Zac: Don’t cross the band parents. Most places there are more of them than there are football parents.