Leading Off (10/17/12)

North Dallas’ Dreams of Hosting Super Bowl Soon Iced. Okay, I’ll admit, I got inspiration for that headline from the first sentence of this story about Cowboys Stadium not being a bidder for the 2016 or 2017 Super Bowls. But it’s okay we didn’t get the bid. There’s always 2018!

Pastor’s Killer Sentenced to Death, Floods Court Room. On Tuesday, Laura Dobson, the wife of Clint Dobson, the pastor who was killed in March 2011, gave a powerful impact statement. “No one will remember you,” she said to Steven Nelson, who was on trial for the crime, “but many people will remember Clint.” Nelson was convicted of killing Dobson. After his death sentence, he returned to the holding cell, broke the sprinkler, and flooded the courtroom.

Dentist Gets Kids to Office With Pizza and $10, Cleans Teeth, Bills Medicaid. A dentist has allegedly taken approximately 13 kids from their schools with promises of pizza and $10. The kids got in an unmarked van and went to All About Dentistry, which has closed since WFAA 8 did a report on it this summer. They got their teeth cleaned and then went home. The services were billed to Medicaid. After the initial report, the doctor who owned the All About Dentistry offices closed up shop and left the country.



  • Bob

    “North Dallas” has dreams of many wonderful things, but a Super Bowl is not one of them. Try using Google Maps next time.