Leading Off (10/15/12)

Republicans May Lose Austin Supermajority, But Still Firmly in Control of Legislature: That’s what this analysis (paywall) of the seats up for grabs on Nov. 6 concludes, estimating that Democrats are only really challenging Republicans for 11 seats in the state House. The GOP should maintain a 16 to 20 seat majority.

Will Arlington Marine Read One Million Names of War Dead on Veterans Day? Brandon Blackstone is trying to organize a massive reading of every U.S. soldier who died in war. That’s every war, dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

NTTA Wants To Seize Cars For Unpaid Tolls: The North Texas Tollway Authority recently approved a pilot program that allows for impounding the cars of those who continue not to pay NTTA tolls, but a Justice of the Peace, Russell Casey, is trying to fight that and other strong arm tactics used by the NTTA against repeat offenders: “This is a statewide violation of civil rights on a massive scale,” he says.

Not Really the Best Weekend to Root for the Cowboys and the Longhorns. Injuries and shame in Fair Park. Bitter and sweet in Baltimore.



  • Billyboy

    Here’s an idea. Install a little machine that accepts coins as you drive through. No, wait….

  • Kk

    ^^^^^^^ what he said^^^^^^