Lakewood Theater Lights Shine Brightly Again

image from the Lakewood Theater Facebook page

We noted how that terrible hailstorm in June had severely damaged the tower and marquee of the Lakewood Theater.

So the theater was pleased to announce that, as of this past weekend, the lights are back on. Owner Wayne Roden says that donations to the Lakewood Theater Tower Fund helped cover the majority of the cost of the restoration. I asked how much they raised and how much the restoration cost, but he hasn’t gotten back to me on that yet.

(The theater’s website is still soliciting donations for the fund, but Roden says he just hasn’t had a chance to remove that from the page yet.)

UPDATE: The theater collected $3,100 in donations from the Tower Fund, which went towards the insurance deductible. The insurance claim handled most of the expenses of the repairs.


  • Scott Parker

    Hopefully they’ll start booking more events, movies, concerts there now? Have no idea why a movie house can’t be done with family stuff at 1 and 4, then other films (even cult, indie, foreign, etc.) at 7 and 10.

    Waiting for a corporate buyer?

  • Lakewoody

    no kidding…..rocky horror is getting a little old….or some sort of cool live acts, etc.