James Carville Loves D Magazine

James Carville

Many remember James Carville as Bill Clinton’s lead strategist in the 1992 presidential election. You know, as the Louisiana Democrat whose point about “The Economy, Stupid,” helped Clinton boot George H.W. Bush out of the White House. Since then, the whip-smart “Ragin’ Cajun” has been an international political consultant, a CNN commentator, and one-half of a popular political-talk roadshow with his opposite-number wife, Republican strategist/commentator Mary Matalin.

Turns out, they guy really is as smart as he seems. Reason: he’s also a huge fan of D Magazine. At an appearance with Matalin in Arlington last week for the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council, Carville (pictured in photo by Jeanne Prejean) prefaced his remarks with a huge wet kiss for the publication Tim Rogers edits. “That is a terrific urban magazine,” Carville told the crowd of 800 executives. “I’m kind of an aficionado of different ones, and you’re very fortunate to have an urban magazine as good as that one.”


  • barnefrank4czar

    Its the Leftwing bias, stupid