• Robin

    Riddle me this, Batman. How does this change things? Maybe a business can’t re-publish an entire article, but they can use the money quote with a link. For Free.

    Makes me giggle whenever I see this:

  • Wes Mantooth

    Why is Tim hot on this column? Hmm. Oh there it is, down in paragraph 8. Really, Tim, this is getting worse than that time on Facebook.

    • @Wes Mantooth: Just remember who you’re talking to, buddy. The man who, over the last several years, has done the best, most consistent coverage of the media in Dallas.

  • bill h

    Bill’s bio on Molly Ivins is a wonderful read. His column on the state of Journalism in the Texas Observer is always worth reading. nice kudo Tim.


  • Wes Mantooth

    @Tim: You’re our own homegrown Howie Kurtz. Only with (sometimes) a better haircut.

  • untasered

    Any time I hear about The Dallas Morning News or Belo making yet another attempt to even understand, much less profit from, the Internet on any level, I remind myself that Belo considered the CueCat a brilliant idea.

  • mm

    Tim, I’m a little embarrassed for all of us that he felt the need to parenthetically mention something so obvious.

    • @mm: Thank you for your support. It’s a difficult time for us all. Together, though, we will make it through.