How the Denton Record Chronicle Says Goodbye

The Denton Record Chronicle has suffered a rash of editorial departures recently. Some of it started, I’ve been told, when a longtime editorial writer was pushed out after not changing some opinions. Mayborn regular Lowell Brown, who just won a Philbin Award earlier this week for his work at the DRC, now works for the Waco Tribune-Herald.

Last Sunday, reporter Donna Fielder announced she is leaving too, after 33 years with the paper. (Fielder, one of the best writers in the paper’s history, will apparently focus on writing books.) You can read her farewell column here. When it ran in print, the column was accompanied by this editorial note:

“Donna Fielder has written about crimes and court trials, lifestyles and natural disasters, investigative reports and lowbrow comedy during her career at the Denton Record Chronicle.”

I’m assuming, since that note has been removed from the online version of the column (though the reader comments remain), that someone realized “lowbrow” was not the best word choice.


  • Hunter Hauk

    I think people are blowing this out of proportion. I took the “lowbrow” line to mean that Donna has made time for the sillier, lighter moments in her columns over the years. Whether or not she saw it that way, I don’t know. But I know the intentions of that copy desk; I started my career there and adore many of the folks who still work there. So let’s not just assume that the tag line was meant as a slight. They were trying to represent the totality of her contributions with a couple of sentences. Not an easy thing to do.

  • Bill Marvel

    Mike, Mike. You’ve covered your share of “lowbrow comedy.”