Still Not Quite There Yet

After seeing a tweet last night from Dallas Morning News editor Bob Mong that said, “ revamped, redesigned and much more functional,” I popped over this morning to check it out. Into the dining listings I dove, picking one at random. Veracruz Cafe. The first blurb I see has been culled from the restaurant’s website. That’s not clear until you click the “more” at the end of the blurb, and it expands. The only indication that the blurb was written by Veracruz Cafe is a URL that follows an em-dash, much like a byline would. So that’s misleading. And not helpful. But okay. Bill Addison’s unbiased review follows the pablum from Veracruz. His review was written in 2008. After a few opening lines, you must click the “full review” option to read the rest. That takes you to a page that doesn’t exist.

It’s only one restaurant listing, but at this point I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Mong.


  • Kk

    Change clock the “more” …to click. Ive always been amazed at how lousy the guide works online.

  • ian

    It’s better than it was before the revamp. Unfortunately, “more functional” doesn’t mean “fully functional.”