Flash Mob Wedding Proposal at the Dallas Arboretum (VIDEO)

Adam Ashenfelter arranged to surprise his girlfriend Aubrie with a proposal at the Dallas Arboretum. I believe this happened back in August, but the above video was just published today.


  • Dave

    Wow. Completely awful.

  • Nancy

    I guess everyone gets their 15minutes of fame these days (or 4.35 minutes).

  • Project Girl

    Aww c’mon, it was sweet & original.

  • Daniel

    I somehow can’t shake the feeling that Adam Ashenfelter drinks Dr. Pepper, and he’s proud.

  • steve

    Dave… you have no soul

  • Chris

    nothing original about this. Tired bit.

  • Joe Johnson

    This meme is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO old……who is so insecure that they need this as a proposal……..

  • Katie

    I think it’s sweet. Maybe it isn’t your cup of tea, but obviously the boyfriend put quite a bit of work into organizing a proposal that his girlfriend- now fiance- would love. She will certainly read this blog post and it is saddening to thing that she’ll read all of this nastiness about what was probably a very special and meaningful day.

  • Lee

    I think it’s cool. To each their own, may of been what she always dreamed of.

  • Kenny

    Since everybody feels so entitled to share their opinion I can’t wait jump abroad this train… Personally I think it’s hilarious… Hilarious that people feel its necessary to hide behind a blog and express an opinion that has no value and know they can do so without having any reprucussions… I’m going to have to agree with Steve on this one simply that you have no soul… Enjoy the only relationship you opinionated bloggers will ever be able to maintain, the one between you and your beloved computer. Enjoy.

    Ps Great idea Adam and congrats