Did Shark Tank Cost the Mavs Deron Williams?

When Rick Carlisle, Donnie Nelson, and Michael Finley were in New York wooing Deron Williams, Mark Cuban was in California, taping Shark Tank. Maybe not a great move. ESPN is reporting that Williams would have liked to ask Cuban some questions:

“I think [Cuban] would have been able to answer a lot of the questions me and my agent have for him that really didn’t get answered that day pertaining to the future. And I think if he was there he would have been able to answer those questions a little bit better. It maybe would have helped me.”

I have a hard time believing that Williams couldn’t get an answer to any question he had. I mean, at least any question that had to do with basketball and the Mavericks. If, like, he wanted to know why an all-powerful, loving God would allow suffering, well, that’s different.


  • I think that’s his polite way of saying “you’d think an owner who had pinned his entire offseason hopes on me would have actually shown up to the meeting.”

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    Who the hell does Deron think Mark is??? Jerry Jones???

  • Roy G

    +1 What Zac said

    I bet you the Brooklyn Nets owner showed up… and when you’re going up against him and Jay-Z, you’d best be present.


    “Jay-Z Helped Deron Williams Find a Place to Live When He Was Deciding Whether Or Not to Play For the Brooklyn Nets”


  • NoDa Bob

    This is nothing more than Williams responding to Cuban’s “we’re better off without Deron” comments.

    William’s remarks about having Cuban at the meeting to “answer questions about the future” is a smokescreen. Donnie was there to answer any question Williams wished to ask, and Donnie has the answers as well as anybody (inc Cuban).

    Williams decided the quaranteed money was most important- and really who can blame or disagree with him?- but to say that Cuban could have changed his decision is merely throwing a molotov cocktail into the crowd of public opinion, meant to start a fire.

    don’t fall for it.

  • E. Severeid

    You sure do have a lot of single digit comments for a Web site whose traffic is supposedly increasing. It was not always this way. I suppose people are reading more and commenting less, right?

  • JR

    it seems that the bloom of the championship season has faded. The Mavs have always come off as a first class organization but it seems all is not well inside the organization. The team gave staff championship rings valued at $7,000 but did not feel that the stats crew who work every game doing scoreboard and clock functions deserved the rings. Some on the crew had worked for the organization since day one were not offered championship rings yet sales people who had worked less than a year received the $7,000 ring. Terdema Ussery the president offered the stats crew $300 “fan” rings that anyone could purchase on the team’s website. Every previous NBA team that has won a recent championship presented championship rings to the stats crew. The Mavs truly showed how little they value loyalty. Talk about treating long time employees bad, this is a doozy!! Even Brian Cuban’s dog has a championship ring!!

  • So then really, Mr. Rogers, this is quite the funny post.