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DealWell.com: A New Way to Save on Health and Wellness Services

It seems crazy nobody thought of this before — a one-stop website that shows you prices and lets you bid for even bigger discounts on things like dental, chiropractic, med spa, massage and medical imaging services. We’ve had online comparison shopping for everything from airline tickets to insurance for more than a decade, so the folks at www.dealwell.com decided the health and wellness category needed the same thing — and they launched their new site right here in Dallas.

DealWell.com has more than 250 offers from top local doctors and providers, ranging from teeth cleaning and whitening to chiropractic adjustments to Botox and laser hair removal treatments. Every offer on the site guarantees savings of 20%, with some offers 80-90% off the retail price.

“The Internet has changed how we buy everything from books to cars,” said Geoffrey Fischer, President and Co-Founder of DealWell. “But we still buy medical and wellness services the way our parents did decades ago, often without knowing the price before the service begins. We couldn’t believe that in 2012 there wasn’t a great healthcare shopping website — so we built DealWell to change that.”

In addition to the savings built into all DealWell offers, purchases may be applicable toward insurance deductibles or eligible for reimbursement from F.S.A./H.S.A. plans.

Visit www.dealwell.com today to start saving, or bookmark it for the next time you need health or wellness services.



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