David Hopkins Types Smart About O.J. Mayo

If you care about basketball or if you just like smart writing, you should probably read D Magazine contributor David Hopkins’ piece about O.J. Mayo for The Two Man Game. Also, this recommendation gives me the excuse to post David’s new Twitter avatar and take a poll. Which David do you prefer? Jump for the poll.

Which version of David Hopkins do you prefer?
Full beard David
Friendly mutton chops David
Mustache David
Clean-shaven David
None of the above.


  • Only in America!

    Cleanly shaven David reminds me of the other funny David… Dave Little.

  • Freeze

    I expect very good things from OJ Mayo and think he’s going to have a very good year, but I hate the comparisons to JET. If people expect him to score the way Terry was able to score, they are going to be disappointed. He’s not that kind of scorer. It’s going to be rough at times during these first 6-8 weeks when the Mavericks will need him to contribute even more on the offensive end. Not that he can’t score the ball – he can make shots and get to the rim – but he can’t carry an offense for a quarter like JET can (could?). Hopefully, as the season progresses that won’t be as necessary. And, I think he can be absolutely elite on the defensive end. Weird for me to post this here rather than at The Two Man Game, but I’ve already typed it out so whatever.

  • Carol

    Great article. I’m truly excited about OJ Mayo and what he can bring to this team. From what I hear he is the first in the gym and the last to leave, that’s a great sign. I’m looking forward to a younger exciting team!!! GO MAVS!!!!