Dallas City Councilwoman Angela Hunt Wants 100 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes in the Next Decade

On her blog, Dallas City Councilwoman Angela Hunt writes that the city needs to commit to building 10 miles of physically separated bike lanes every year for the next 10 years.

Dallas’ current, half-hearted approach to making our city bike friendly is going to doom it to failure. In a couple of years, the city will determine that bike ridership hasn’t increased in Downtown or on the bike lanes to nowhere (surprise!). This will then be cited as proof that there is no bike culture in Dallas, that we can’t transition to a bike-friendly city, and that bike infrastructure is a waste of money. The city will paint over the “sharrows” and wash its hands of this silly experiment.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can go all-in on bike infrastructure and get it done. We can dramatically increase bike ridership in our city. We’ve seen what can Dallas can do when it sets its heart on Big Ideas. That’s why Dallas’ remarkably meek approach to bike infrastructure is so frustrating. We pride ourselves for taking on extravagant, bold initiatives – the Calatrava Bridge, a park over a freeway, a city-owned convention center hotel, a massive toll road in a floodway. Let’s apply that same laser-like focus to making Dallas the best bicycling city in the country.


  • Eduardo

    For Dallas to become the best bicycling city in the country, it would need to be endowed with a different set of motor vehicle drivers than the one it currently possesses.

    Only the physically courageous, foolhardy, intrepid, etc., would dare to ride a bike in Dallas … I mean, ride to work the way they do in Amsterdam or Copenhagen, not dress up in shiny tights and zoom around the trails terrorizing small children and old ladies, which is what most of the Dallas cyclists prefer to do.

  • bscars

    She has about 6 months left on council. Let’s hope they go quickly. Having bike lanes everywhere is not the main priority of Dallas. Let’s work out the issues with the ones we already have first.

  • Rod

    I have commuted by bike to work, 15 mile round trip from Dallas to Valley Ranch on occasion. Surprisingly most drivers have been courteous. I think bike lanes would be a great addition to our city. Most modern cities already have bike lanes, not sure why Dallas is so slow to add them.

  • mynameisbill

    To heck with the bike trail. I want a sickazz BMX trail that runs the gamut of the metro-area! Heck yeah! Some sweet jumps with some rad mind blowing turns throw in. Get that done, then we can talk about world-classness.