Being Zac Efron: An On-Set Liberal Arts Body Double Speaks Out

Last week Josh Radnor’s second movie, Liberal Arts, opened in theaters. Dallas-native and former FrontRow intern Will Arbery (yes, those Arberys) worked on the film as a body double for Zac Efron and in extras casting. Over on FrontRow, he shares his insight into the starry-eyed world that exists on a film set’s periphery:

There was the old man who showed up because, years ago, he promised his mom that one day he’d be in a movie. There was the woman who started crying when she found out that I was a writer, and told me that she wanted to be a writer once and had a poem in the Library of Congress.  There was the adult man whose mother lingered near him the entire time. She was a tall silent woman in a striking green Native American dress. People would talk to me like I was someone, and being no one, I made sure to talk to them like they were someone. They were. I was their experience, and they were mine. Later, I discovered that the Brooklyn bar scene was cut.

Go read the whole thing.