Win Tickets to Chihuly Nights at Arboretum

I have two admission tickets to the Arboretum for the first person who can answer the following trivia question in the comments. Admission includes parking but is limited to Wednesday nights only through the end of October. The question:

If I carry a gun and I tell you that I’m a member of the black button club, to what am I referring?


  • The Replacement Refs Union?

  • Lissa

    Guns N Roses

  • Tommy Boy

    Black Bottom Club refers to a group of dancers popular in the 1920s who would shoot pistols in the air during the period known as the Flapper era. The dancers first started doing the dance in New Orleans. Fights would often break out and the men began carrying guns to protect the ladies…Here’s a short routine of the dancing um….uh..did you say Black Button? ……..oh, never mind

  • @DMBurrows and @Lissa: Nope.

  • th

    The Royal Green Jackets

  • MIkey_S

    An overweight police officer. The last button on the shirt is black. His tummy is so big the button won’t fit in his pants.

  • @MIkey_S: Ding, ding! We got a winna! Yes, the buttons on a policeman’s (or woman’s) shirt were traditionally made of copper. That’s one theory as to why policemen are called coppers or cops. And the last button on the shirt, the one that’s usually down on the shirttail and therefore tucked into the pants, is black. So fat cops show their black button.

    I learned this today when I met DPD Chief David Brown — who, it should be noted, is not even close to being in the black button club.