Wanted: Full-Time FrontBurner Blogger

Since FrontBurner launched in 2003 as the first web log published by a Dallas media outlet, its care has been a part-time, uncompensated responsibility for the many D Magazine Empire editors (and a few outsiders) who have contributed to it. No person has been charged with ensuring that at all times this small corner of the all-consuming beast that is the online worldwide information interstate remains well-fed.

We’re about to change that. We’re looking for a full-time blogger/editor/writer/opiner/smarty-pants whose every waking thought (aside from the obvious necessities required for eating, drinking, and breathing) will be devoted to FrontBurner. We may well require this person to close himself, or herself, off in a small windowless closet (metaphorically, at least) in our office, where he or she will consume all things Dallas and share only the tastiest bits to inform and entertain (and ideally infotain) our audience.

To paraphrase Louis Armstrong, if you don’t know what a full-time FrontBurner blogger/editor/writer/opiner/smarty-pants does, then I can’t tell you. If you do, and you think you’re right for the gig, below is the next step.

Send me, via the electronic mails:

1) No more than 150 words explaining why you’re the best (wo)man for the job

2) Your résumé

Note: If you can’t figure out how to send me an email without my stating my address in this post, then you need not apply.


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