Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Sept. 10

Very excited about this.

For some reason, the iPhone wants to autocorrect “Oates” to “pâté,” complete with all those perfectly placed accents. This is almost as odd as a press email I got awhile ago talking about a person named Darryl Haul of the band Haul and Oates.

There’s only one place you’ll find me tonight, and that’s in Allen. I have never said those words before, by the way, but the Hall and Oates concert at the Allen Events Center promises to be a thing of wonder. And I can’t wait. You can still get tickets—not the cheapest seats, but still under $60. And I was going to make fun of a coworker who gave me a blank stare when I told her about my exciting plans, but I can’t do it. It’s too sad to think about a person who’s gone their whole life deprived of something so great. Let’s all just listen to “Rich Girl” instead. Where to eat? Maybe do that in Dallas, first. But I’d try Samui Thai, which is only about seven minutes away from the venue.

Also this evening, the inimitable Tony Bennett puts on a one-night-only concert of American standards at Bass Hall in Fort Worth. It’s almost unbelievable to me that Bennett is 86 years old. Unbelievable, and awesome, since he looks and sounds fantastic. Again, tickets are on the expensive side, but this should also be a special show.

For more to do tonight, go here.


  • Stacy L.

    Samui Thai is now Silver Thai, and as an Allen resident of 12 years, the place just isn’t that good anymore. Management changes, inconsistent food quality, etc. Torchy’s Tacos might be a more reliable bet. JMHO.

    Enjoy the concert! We’d be there ourselves if we were in town.