Strip Club Owner Pleads Guilty to Hiring Hit Men to Have Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck Killed

Ryan Walker Grant, owner of Flashdancer Cabaret in Arlington, had claimed to be innocent (he was just looking for someone to “watch a movie” with Mayor Robert Cluck) until he surprisingly pled guilty in court this morning.

But his lawyer says we’re still making too much of it all:

Warren St. John, the Fort Worth attorney representing Grant, said his client had acted out of frustration over the health of his business after the city and the state brought a nuisance lawsuit against it. He said his client had not truly wanted harm to come to either man.

“He broke the law,” St. John said. “You can’t say those things. But nobody was ever going to be killed. He was talking to a confidential informant, so that’s impossible.”

Do they teach that sort of twisted logic in law school?