Oddest Lunch Pair in Dallas

A trusted FrontBurnervian writes in to say that at Liberty Burger at Forest and Inwood today he saw John Wiley Price eating lunch with someone. I will give you five possible names. Answer in the comments.

a) Gene Street
b) Laura Miller
c) Lucy Billingsley
d) Jason Witten
e) Cary Pierce


  • The answer is a) Gene Street

  • Avid Reader

    Gene’s daughter Mariel owns/runs Liberty Burger so the location is not that odd; but what a pairing.

  • Helen Lovejoy


  • JB

    Barbara Billingsley would have been most odd.

  • OakCliffnewshound

    Maybe JWP is trying to get Street to see that people south of the river are willing to spend money in restaurants….Nah, never happen. Look at that Bishop Arts ghosttown. What? What? You can’t find parking there these days?

  • marisa

    Eating with JWP could cause one to loose their cookies.

  • Horatio

    Did JWP pay for his food?