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North Texas Giving Day Approaches $9 Million

By Tim Rogers |

Last year, $10.7 million was raised on North Texas Giving Day. It looks like we’ll smash that record this year. Right now, 19,890 gifts totaling $8,840,783 have been made. Very solid work, people. Keep it up.

Take a look at the North Texas Giving Day Leaderboard. You can sort it by number of donations and money raised for each participating organization. I’m not sure why it fascinates me, but it does. In particular, I’m fascinated by the bottom of the leaderboard, the folks who’ve yet to receive a single donation. The Dallas Education Foundation? Goose egg. How is it possible that the nonprofit that raises money from the business community to support DISD has not generated a single donation? On a smaller level, Go Oak Cliff hasn’t raised a single dollar either.

Listen, people, the Communities Foundation of Texas has a $1 million pile of money it uses to match these donations. It’s just sitting there, waiting for your organization to tap into it. You’ve got till midnight. But you’ve got to get the word out. Make it happen.

(Full Jim Schutze disclosure: my wife helps the Communities Foundation of Texas with this fundraising effort. So, really, I’m terribly conflicted here. I take it all back. Don’t donate today. To anyone.)