North Texans on Forbes’ Richest Americans List Have More Money Than You’ll See in Your Lifetime

There aren’t any surprising names on Forbes newly released list of the 400 wealthiest people in America.

But I did learn that Alice Walton of Fort Worth, No. 8 on the list with $26.3 billion, has a bachelor’s degree from Trinity University, just like I do.  If only I’d had the good sense to have been born an heir to the Walmart family fortune too, I might have someday had her spot.

The next local on the list is Andrew Beal, way down at No. 41 with merely $8.4 billion to his name.  Jump if you want to see the others who make the cut and are just too lazy to sort through the Forbes site yourself.

49. Dallas’ Most Evil Genius, Harold Simmons – $7.1 billion

63. Ray Lee Hunt – $5.2 billion

69. Robert Rowling – $4.9 billion

79. Trevor Rees-Jones – $4.5 billion

113. Ross Perot Sr. – $3.5 billion

151. My neighbor, Jerry Jones – $2.7 billion

151. Robert Bass – $2.7 billion

170. David Bonderman – $2.6 billion

179. Timothy Headington – $2.5 billion

206. Mark Cuban – $2.3 billion

206. Richard Rainwater – $2.3 billion

206. Kelcy Warren – $2.3 billion

239. Edward Bass – $2 billion

239. Lee Bass – $2 billion

271. Sid Bass – $1.8 billion

284. Gerald Ford – $1.75 billion

311. Ray Davis – $1.5 billion

328. Ross Perot Jr. – $1.4 billion

360. T. Boone Pickens – $1.2 billion

360. Kenny Troutt – $1.2 billion

360. Todd Wagner – $1.2 billion


  • Mistake

    #69 is Robert Rowling, not Robert Raintree…

  • Yep. Fixed.

  • Kk

    If you woke up tomorrow and you suddenly had $26 billion, would you continue to live in Dallas the majority of the time?

  • mygirl
  • MT

    It is nice that you show your maturity in calling Harold Simmons “Dallas’ Most Evil Genius.” Maybe you don’t agree with his business dealings but ask the charities where they would be without Dallas’ most philanthropic person. Time to grow up.

    Also, did the Wyly’s drop off the list? I know Charles passed away but Sam was always there.

    • @MT: Hey, we called him a genius for a reason.

  • @MT: And no, there’s no Wyly on the list.