New Magazine Launching Somewhere in Texas

An alert FrontBurnervian points us to the this Craigslist job posting. I’m going to guess it’s not Dallas, but I bet someone out there has the scoop. The listing:

Are you a talented writer and/or editor interested in being part of an exciting new magazine soon to launch in a major Texas city, one that will bring a beautiful package of smart, sophisticated and provocative content to one of the country’s most fascinating places? A large media firm with titles throughout the U.S. seeks journalists who are — this being Texas — equally at home challenging a town’s sacred cows and professing an undying love for the place, preferably in the same sentence. Cardboard cynics and Pollyannas alike need not apply.

Several top- and mid-level positions in various editorial departments are available (including arts, food/dining and Web/social media). Here’s what we’re looking for: Top flight Texas-based writers and editors (or expats with very close ties to the region) with at least five years of newspaper or magazine experience, journalists prepared to bring the full measure of their intelligence and craft to news and lifestyle stories, and to a city hungry for them.

It’s a market that deserves a magazine as dynamic, ambitious and exciting as Texas itself–and therefore the best journalists Texas has to offer. If that includes you, please forward a resume, a cover letter thoroughly describing your background and suitability for this project, links to five pieces you’ve written or edited, and three scintillating story ideas to help us understand your Texas, to the above address.