New Magazine Launching Somewhere in Texas, Ctd.

Yesterday began speculation about the new magazine that is launching somewhere in Texas. Someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two told me that he suspects the culprit is SagaCity Media, operators of Portland Monthly, Seattle Met, and other fine publications. I called up there to see if I could learn anything. Here’s how the conversation went down, once I’d reached a SagaCity executive whose name I will keep to myself:

Me: “Hi, this is Tim Rogers. I’m the editor of D Magazine down here. I’m calling to find out whether you’re the guys behind these job ads I’m seeing for a new magazine in a major Texas city.”

SagaCity exec: [pause] “Maybe.”

Me: “Maybe?”

SagaCity exec: “Are you interested in the job?”

Me: “No, no, no. Don’t get the wrong impression. I’m just working on a blog post about these ads we’re seeing down here.”

SagaCity exec: “Oh. Then I need to say, ‘No comment.'”

The executive then gave me contact information for someone who can comment. But I think we already have our answer. I’m hearing the major Texas city is Houston.

UPDATE (9/27/12): Scott Vogel, who co-founded Portland Monthly, sends word: “Thanks for taking the time to get comment from us. We really appreciate the courtesy. I can confirm that SagaCity is indeed actively investigating the possibility of starting a magazine in Houston. Unfortunately, that’s really all I can say at this point, although I expect we’ll have more to share with you soon. I will tell you that it has long been the dream of my sister, Nicole Vogel (SagaCity’s president) and I to launch a great Houston publication. Ironically, although SagaCity publishes several magazines throughout the West, Houston is where the two of us were born and raised. We have a special love for the place and — because we do — feel a strong obligation to get this right, and bring our hometown the kind of magazine it deserves.”


  • Just looked at Portland Monthly. Pretty grim stuff. I don’t imagine anyone will be losing sleep over them. I bet they pay a whopping twenty five cents a word payable a month after publication….

  • OakCliffnewshound

    Are there 10 million unemployed Texas writers? I’ll start the count here: One.

  • franknbeans

    in Houston they should be able to match D’s quantity of plastic surgeon ads per issue.

    • @franknbeans: You, sir or madam, have one of the rarest things in comedy: an original voice. I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across your comment and thought, “That’s it. Finally. It’s taken forever, but I’ve finally found it.”

      This may seem forward, since I have not formally met you, but may I be your agent? I’m dying to introduce the world to your edgy (if I may be so bold) vision of comedy. At the very least, allow me to set up a blog for you. Don’t do it for me. No. Do it for the world, or at least the greater Dallas area.

  • @Dwight Mannsburden: Not sure why you’d say that. Portland Monthly is a solid city magazine. Well respected across the country by CRMA folks (City and Regional Mag Association).

  • @Zac “At the very least, allow me to set up a blog for you.”

    How about just an answer to the ad last week about needing a blogger?

  • franknbeans

    @Zac Crain – I am currently employed as a NFL replacement ref and do not need any help from you. My career is going just fine. Thanks for the offer.