Leading Off (9/7/12)

Bomb Hoax Victim Arrested Again. Christopher N. Shell can officially call yesterday a no-good, terrible day.  First his plane from Philly to Dallas is forced to turn around. Once back in Philly, he’s plucked from the plane and accused of having an explosive. Then when he’s cleared of that and allowed to fly to Dallas, he gets here and is arrested on outstanding warrants.  That’s not generally how Thursdays are supposed to go. Also, be careful how you leave it with your ex. Seriously.

Flaming Car Crashes into Building. Someone stole this Nissan Versa, and then drove it like he stole it, right up to the part where the engine caught fire and he drove it into a building, which also caught fire, and then ran away. This would’ve never happened if he had stolen American, amirite?

No Friday Night Lights for Grapevine-Colleyville. The booster club is all het up about the fact that they can’t sell sausage on a stick because there are no home games right now for GCISD after it was discovered (one tipped over) that their lights were not safe. They’re facing the loss of $18,000 total since the lights probably won’t be up til later this month.

McKinney ISD Has a Cool Smartphone App. McKinney ISD’s parents apparently love the misdGO app. Dallas ISD doesn’t have an app, as far as I can tell. Do we have an app? Why not?

Trader Joe’s in Plano Opens Today. If you have the patience of Job, and don’t mind people, you are probably not me. Therefore, it is safe for you to go to Trader Joe’s on its opening day. Have fun with that, but hear this: All that Cookie Butter and Two-Buck Chuck you’re buying today will be there two weeks from now, when I waltz in and don’t have to wait or search for a parking space. Just like In and Out still had burgers when I went a month later.


  • Amy S

    “Like”. Happy Fridays.

  • Avid Reader

    Spent our DISD Smartphone App budget, among other budgets, on some fancy communications director.

  • Strange how it’s gonna be so hot today, then a cold front blows in around dusk with some much cooler temps….I’m always amazed at weather.
    Speaking of iPhone apps, (since I was finally fortunate to get an iPhone recently), here are two of my favorite, free apps.

    Dark Sky, a free app that will tell you if rain is coming, Storm Shield (ya have to purchase this one, but it’s cheap), that actually announces any watches or warnings from the national Weather Service. Another free app is Gas Buddy which tells you where the cheapest gas is according to your location, and a Dallas Cowboys app that is helpful for listening to the game in case youo have to go to WalMart..Find them all at your app store. Have a super weekend!

  • Dallas ISD is a week or so away from launching our app. Parents will be able to look up grades through our Parent Portal, keep track of school lunch menus and receive push notifications in emergency situations. Stay tuned.