Leading Off (9/4/12)

Abel Gonzales Wins Fifth Big Tex Choice Award. The man who brought us fried butter; fried Coke; fried cookie dough; and fried peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich has done it again. This year he won the “Best Taste” award for his deep fried jambalaya. And yet Zac still won’t go to the State Fair.

Swine Flu Could Kill You. Speaking of things that aren’t good for you, an Ohio woman was killed by the H3N2v virus after she touched some pigs at a county fair, so this year contact with pigs will be limited at the State Fair. This news surely saddens local pig huggers.

Rangers Beat Royals 8-4. Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz hit home runs on consecutive pitches in the sixth inning. So when Cruz led off in the ninth, Royals pitcher Louis Coleman beaned him. The dugouts emptied, but no punches were thrown. After everyone settled down, Michael Young hit a home run off the next pitch.


  • RossG

    @Tim Rogers, I see a new bet here. Can Zac Crain walk around with a pig throughout the day (same time you had to wear the tux.)?

  • John

    How about some news on all the people displaced at Gables Republic Tower downtown? They’ve been without power or water since 7 last night. Flooding water hit electrical room. That’s 35 stories of men, women, children and pets.