Leading Off (9/20/12)

Tollway Authority To Start Towing Scofflaws’ Cars. Maybe. Defense attorneys think they can’t and the DPS isn’t saying if they will or won’t. The good news is this leaves open the possibility for the NTTA to form its own militia and secede from the Union, as was prophesied in the comic book/auto parts catalog I’ve been leaving at doctor’s offices for the past three years. It’s called The Matrix.

Richardson Deals With Giant Beehive. It belongs to Doris Feffernack, who’s been wearing the hairstyle proudly since 1957. OK, that is true, but there is also a real beehive as big as a 9-year-old girl and as moody as a 16-year-old girl, and as irritating as Tim Rogers, a 42-year-old girl.

Dallas Police Reorganization Adds 50 New Sergeants, Creates Rank of Major. The first person promoted to the new rank? This will sound weird, but it’s actually former Morning News TV critic Ed Bark, thanks to his heavy-handed policing of anyone who tries to post on the internet any TV news without mentioning his site. (Link is sub. req.)

Next Year, DMA Will Recreate Art JFK Saw Before His Death. This is actually pretty interesting, so I’ll save the jokes. Since I have some space: if you learned juggling was going to become an official Olympic sport in 2016, would that make you more or less likely to grow a mustache?


  • In my opinion, if the NTTA had an easier website to navigate, and easier to log-in and pay your bill, they would have less headaches from people not paying. As it stands now, you need a degree in computer engineering to figure it all out…just sayin.

  • Golfnfashion

    The NTTA covers their losses by overcharging me and then making it nearly impossible to get through to them to prove their mistake.

  • J-No

    I once interviewed Bill Paxton, and he told me this story of the art that was placed in Kennedy’s room by the Carters and other FW families for his stay at the Texas Hotel. He said that the last phone call JFK made was to Ms. Carter to thank her for her hospitality. Great story … can’t wait for the exhibit.

  • I bet that DMA exhibit will blow your mind.

  • Sybil’ Beaver

    Id like to THANK the NTTA for their most recent mistake. they sent me my toll bill, of course I wait till the last minute to pay it, I get online to pay and the system cant find my bill. I call in to try to pay, and the clerk cant find it either. I gave them the bill # and everything to identify my bill and nothing. The lady just oh well, I guess you dont have to pay these tolls.

    As for towing, if you really do have more than 100 unpaid tolls, you probably shouldnt be allowed on the Tollway, therefore I agree with the towing logic.

  • franknbeans

    Ed Bark < Jim Knox

  • CraigT

    I have had problems with my tolls twice. Both my fault. Each time I called the NTTA directly, was on hold for less than 5 minutes, and was connected directly to someone who was not only friendly but also helpful. Each time the fines were dropped, allowing me to pay only the tolls I had left unpaid.

  • Neal

    Think the NTTA site is bad? UncleBarky.com might deserve an A for content, but it gets a big fat D for design and user-friendliness.