Leading Off (9/19/12)

More Teens Showing Up With Tattoos. After this story about a mom letting a guy tattoo her daughter, Patty Knowles came forward to say yeah, “it’s happening.” When her daughter was 14, she went to a friend’s house where there was a tattoo artist and she ended up getting a tattoo of a large cross on her left leg. She doesn’t like it now, saying that “there’s no really meaning to it.” The moral of the story? Knowles wants parents to check their kids for tattoos.

Man Who Hired Hit Man To Kill His Wife Wants To Reconcile With Her. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the Carrollton man who allegedly hired a hit man to kill his wife. The hit man did shoot her, and the bullet went through her left eye and lodged in her lung. A month later, she’s missing her eye, but is alive and walking and talking. Yesterday was a court preceding for her divorce from her husband. But he wants to make up. After all, says his attorney Arch McColl, “they’re both people of strong faith; he’s been very active in his church for 30 years–25 or 30 years–he sings in the choir.” I’m sorry, but he’d have to have a pretty good voice for me to forgive him for trying to have me killed.

Plano Father Fighting for Alleged Kidnapped Daughter Is Hopeful Today. It’s been two years since Bart Hermer has seen his daughter, Alessia. He’s been fighting for custody of his daughter since the day his fiancée took his daughter on a family trip to the United Kingdom. Hermer has lost in court twice. But he believes he has new documents that will give today’s court visit a happy ending.


  • And in other legal news, Terrell Owens tells Child Support Judge he only made $4300.00 with the Seahawks, further showing that Hell hath no fury…


  • RossG

    Don’t forget that the Carrolton woman whose husband allegedly hired someone to kill her, did not file divorces over that issue. She filed for divorce because he slept with another woman. So, maybe she is not as upset about the attempted murder.

  • Tom

    Man, back in my day we only had to check for ticks.

  • Long Memory

    Shoot me once, shame on you. Shoot me twice, shame on me.

  • mikep

    He sings in the choir ?
    So this makes him a good guy ?
    Give me a break !