Leading Off (9/17/12)

Boy Scouts Hid Hundreds of Accusations of Child Molestation: The Los Angeles Times found that the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America kept a confidential “perversion file” with information on accused sex offenders whom the organization often forced to quietly resign while keeping their crimes “under wraps.” Of the 500 instances in which the Scouts learned of alleged abuse before it was reported to the police, in about 400 cases there is no record of the Scouts reporting the abuses to authorities.

Man Arrested For Tattooing 14-Year-Old: The young teen in question had her mother’s permission as well as other tattoos, but that wasn’t enough to prevent a Flower Mound man from being arrested for inking the minor. The detail that should make you wonder, though, is that one of the teen’s tattoos consists of the letters “SS.”

Cowboys Routed In Seattle: Not much went right for the Cowboys, especially these four things. And if you happened to snatch up Kevin Ogletree for your fantasy league after last week’s performance, well, oops.


  • If you benched Dez and started Ogletree, you actually had a net gain. That’s how bad it was.