Leading Off (9/13/12)

Former SMU Dean Geoffrey Orsak Fired After 74 Days As University of Tulsa President. No reason was given, though apparently he had recently been given a leave of absence to deal with a health issue involving his father. At least Orsak has skills to fall back on.

Man Hit By Car After Failing To Connect With 911. Kelvin Crowe called four times after his wife was hurt during a wreck on I-45, but Mayor Rawlings says, nuh-uh, we never got those calls and we can prove it. Then Rawlings blamed it on T-Mobile, because why not, I guess.

Compromise Allows West Dallas Deal To Proceed. I’m sure in 10 years we’ll see that the La Bajada neighborhood got screwed here, but leaders have agreed to this for now.

It’s North Texas Giving Day. Here. Krista will be by soon with more.


  • I like Orsak. We bonded over a moment a couple of springs on the
    SMU campus when he mistook me for the infamous Zac Crain. I got a lot of pleasure in explaining the differences between Zac and me, stuff like hair, charisma, etc and so on.

  • There’s also the writing thing, Zac doesn’t miss words like “ago” after words like “springs”. Damnit.

  • B

    Did anyone else notice the smirk on Rawlings face as he responded to the Channel 8 reporter’s questions? Thought I was seeing things until he did it again a few moments later. I am now wondering if he was suppressing sticking out his tongue and in an sing song voice saying ‘Wasnt our fault this time. Nanner nanner boo boo’