Leading Off (9/11/12)

Sarah Shahi Is Hot. The Euless native appears on the cover of the October Maxim, which declares her TV sexiest star. As we reported back in 2006, she is also the great-great-granddaughter of an Iranian shah. And now you know.

Dallas Cop Killed While Cleaning His Weapon. This is a very difficult story for me to understand. Just sad.

DART Picks Oak Cliff Streetcar Design. One presumes they won’t be painted the lime green in this picture, but, okay, I guess that’s fine. The bigger issue, one our Peter Simek posed in January, is whether these streetcars are a $50 million mistake.

Homeless Children in Collin County. This story by Channel 8’s Steve Stoler is irritating. It says that the number of homeless children in Collin County, Texas’ richest county, is on the rise. In fact, it says, the number of homeless people in Collin County is not just rising but rising fast. But the only data point given in the story is that one homeless shelter in Collin has 63 kids. Not to diminish that statistic, but if you tell me it’s on the rise, then I need a few more data points — heck, just one more data point — to compare it with.


  • Good morning everyone.
    I would just like to mention how much I enjoy the “Ghosts of Dallas” photos comparing photos of yesteryear with today’s picture. I like how those pictures are done and I think they are facinating. Keep up the good work.

    I’ve been somewhat slow to comment these last two days as I was in a little scooter accident Saturday, when a funeral procession came out in to the intersection where me and my scooter group had a green light. I put on the front breaks pretty hard and face-planted in to the pavement…thank goodness I had a helmet on.


    Have a good day!

  • Thank you for writing about homelessness in Collin County. Our Collin County Homeless Coalition’s recent report, Collin County 2012 Point-In-Time Homeless Count (http://www.mdhadallas.org/downloads/cchc2012homelesscountreportFINAL3.pdf)
    has data on rising homelessness in Collin County. This is from a one-night count that gives a snapshot. But please keep in mind that it’s difficult to count all homeless individuals and families because most are not visible — they are living in cars, storage units, etc.
    The Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance is working to prevent and end homelessness in Dallas and Collin counties. Learn more at http://www.mdhadallas.org.
    Thanks again for your interest.