Jesse Ventura Says in Lawsuit That Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle of Dallas Never Punched Him Out

Back in January, Chris Kyle, a former Navy sniper who wrote a book about his exploits, was making the local media rounds and mentioned how he’d punched out former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura in a bar. The comments on our post about the claim soon were filled by Jesse Ventura groupies calling Kyle a liar.

Well, this morning Wilonsky points out the St. Paul Pioneer Press report about a federal defamation suit that Ventura filed that also calls Kyle a liar. Kyle filed a motion to have the suit dismissed, and on Wednesday Ventura responded by filing a 39-page memo.

Both Wilonsky and the Pioneer Press rightly point out the wonderful opening paragraph of this memo:

Ventura refers to Tom Brokaw’s book, “The Greatest Generation,” saying it “chronicles the story of a generation of Americans who went to war, came home, and then quietly dedicated themselves to the business of raising families and building this country.”

“Charting a different course, Kyle went to war, came home, wrote a book extolling his heroics, went on TV and radio to promote it, and optioned the movie rights.”


  • People who support Jesse Ventura don’t know him.
    He and his former campaign manager Dean Barkley committed
    bribery to become Governor. One bribe was to get a guy out of their
    Reform Party and the other bribe was to cover up the first bribe after
    two complaints were filed with the Ramsey County attorney.
    Ventura was a lousy governor. He let down his marijuana supporters,
    cancelled the auto emission testing program that was protecting our
    air, and he insulted just about everyone he came in contact with.
    To top it all off you should know that he was never a Navy SEAL,
    never in Vietnam, never in combat. He lied about that and only now
    that I have been hammering away at it has he changed his story.
    Jesse Ventura is a phony guy with a phony name who is a bully,
    briber, insulter and cheat who can’t be trusted.
    You can learn the truth about Ventura (Janos) by reading
    “Always Cheat, The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura”.
    Contact me for a complimentary copy of the book.
    Leslie Davis 612-529-5253

  • Froggy USN

    What you don’y point out in this article is that Chris Kyle has seven witnesses backing him in court.
    Jesse Ventura is a liar, he was not a genuine SEAL, he was frogman, he was never in combat and he has lied about that, he made his living as a fake wrestler and incompetent politician, now he peddles conspiracies to the gullible and paranoid.
    Anyone wo believes a word out of his mouth is a pathetic fool.

  • FrogLegacy

    As someone who was “passed” as a “Frogman, and having my name and nick sent into Florida to the association, and as a second generation, and having been mentored by an old NCDU who was considered an old man in UDT during Korea, and having listened when old men talk, I have this to say.

    Jesse acts like a Frogman, Chris Kyle does not.

    Chris does not show enlightenment, and I find some of his thinking in writing and speech scary, but hey, as the saying goes, every outfit needs cannon fodder.

  • FrogLegacy

    I must add for the gentle readers,

    When I was passed as a Frogman, I was told there are a lot of dumb SEALs, but that I was not one of them. I was told to ignore them, what I did was none of their concern unless informed.

    Navy knows not All of the young men who make it in as a Frogmen are the brightest apples…but the outfit needs men who can do a Job.

    Jesse is “with the Program” that program includes helping Americans here in America. Chris Kyle, setup now as a contractor appears immediately to this eye as to be “working for someone” and not with the Program. Chris Kyle is a former SEAL. I doubt anyone ever told Chris Kyle about the Program, as he acts ignorant so nobody bothered to inform the dumb SEAL.

    Grow up Chris and get with the Program.

  • FrogLegacy

    I also add,

    My Father was one of those who saw the heaviest of action periods attached to SOG 64-65, and he was one of those who looked down heavily on UDT as not being in the fight…”nobody is shooting at you 25′ below the surface”. My father survived a pursuit to the shoreline and grenades lobbed into the water after,7 others didnt and one left an arm behind.

    This bias among Frogmen was dissolved when all, regardless of assignment were referred to as SEALs.

    I have respect for Jesse, I do not for Chris as his taking his bravado public, shows he lacks the true character of a Frogman, and acts like a dumb SEAL.

    For all the public..Yes, we do refer to them internally as “dumb SEALs”, not sure who invented it, but it was use as far back as early 80’s when I heard it first.

  • Froggy USN

    FrogLegacy, Jesse Ventura has broken faith with the USN and the USA.. He has lied about his service, lied about being in combat, declared that the USA was responsible for 9/11, Declared that the USA was responsible for the Indonesian tsunami (!) stated that the USA is a “terrorist nation” and that he has “no patriotism” for the country. He moved to Mexico and is seeking Mexican citizenship.
    When I was in the Navy they taught us about Honor, you and Ventura somehow missed that lesson or you too are not who you claim to be.
    And no one in the Navy refers to them as “dumb SEALs.”And no, Ventura, who helped paint boat bottoms at Subic Bay and never saw combat was not a SEAL.

  • Dave

    I well recall, an issue put out in the twin cities by jr.achievment,mid 1980s,an interview with ventura.In it, he made the statement, that he” didnt care what flag flew on the flag pole, because it was just a piece of cloth”Then he goes out for all the vet votes he can get.Never seen anyone ever ask him if he still feels the flag flying over us is irelivant.Im sure he would deny ever saying such a thing in a printed interview.