• z

    An unfunny “Between Two Ferns.” Got it.

    Let’s all leave the “Gordon Keith has talent” idea behind, in unison, and move toward a brighter future.

  • towski

    Totally. Instead, I encourage everyone to check out the creative tour de force that is “z”…

  • Rocco

    Gordon tries too hard on TV. See the Cowboys Special with Dale earlier this week.

  • R.W.

    Gordon doesn’t want you to know him. He wants you to understand him.

  • Uhmmmm…What?

  • DLP

    4:47 for the highlight… in my opinion
    Also did they shoot this inside of a tin can?

  • Bizarro Big Texas

    As much fun as sandpaper on an open wound.

  • TLS

    I loved it.

  • Steve Sandwich

    Wow, I’ve never seen jealousy in a comments section before, is this a new thing?

  • Senor

    Galifianakis owes a lot to Gordon Keith. He stole Gordon’s generic youth minister character for his “Live at the Purple Onion” video. Look it up.

  • Chris

    except Gordon did this bit years before “Between Two Ferns”…

  • Vaginal slice born born.

  • HPS

    As GK’s Hand picked successor, I just want to say……..I’d totally do all the dirty things imaginable to Kristen Bell.