Glenn Beck Is Doing Much Better Than You Might Think

I’ll admit it: I find Glenn Beck fascinating. Plenty of people hate him, of course. But I don’t know of anyone else in the media with a stronger, more intense relationship to his or her fans. His appeal, for his fans, reaches far beyond politics. It taps into something deeply cultural. When he left Fox News, I wondered if he didn’t have bigger, grander plans.

If you think, because he isn’t on cable TV, that he is somehow worse off than he was: you’re wrong. As this NPR story explains, his audience is smaller (though by no means small), but his paycheck is considerably bigger. (Also, his sets are nicer and his detractors are much quieter.) He is forming a veritable empire right here in North Texas that already is much more expansive than a lot of people realize. (And he’s coming back to TV.) In short, despite what you think of his politics, Glenn Beck might actually be a business genius.

(And if you’re wondering…yes, I have reached out to him and asked for an interview. And no, nobody from his camp has responded.)


  • Tom

    And think about how much better he’d do if President Obama wasn’t killing the economy.

  • Bud Kennedy

    There was an open house at his studios two weeks ago.

    I missed it–

  • As you’re talking to his Beckiness keep in mind that the flock that used to be fleeced by the spiritual likes of Robertson have now become more sophisticated. Beck is doing the same scam on a better dressed crowd.

  • ket

    I like that you are attracted to people you disagree with. I’d love to see your in depth profile of Beck. (I mean, even the shollow end has a depth, right?)

  • Albert

    School lunches to a “Common Core” that skirts legal and constitutional prohibitions, we have some people being fleeced in this country – it’s not Beck’s fans.

  • ket

    Albert: “School lunches to a “Common Core” that skirts legal and constitutional prohibitions” Is that code for something?

  • Laura Schrand

    ket, I think you may be a perfect example of what Albert is referring to.