Fox 4 Interviews Morning Host (and I Ponder the What Ifs of Life)

Uncle Barky is reporting that Good Morning Tulsa‘s co-anchor Laura Moss was seen interviewing at Fox 4 on Monday. According to Barky, “the initial tip on Moss said that she was a likely candidate to replace incumbent Good Day anchor Lauren Przybyl.” Though he does mention there are other opening, so she may be looking to fill one of those.

I bring this up because I graduated around the same time as Moss. We both went to OU, but I did the print program where she did broadcast. If you watch NBC 5, you’ll recognize the names Amanda Guerra and Keaton Fox, both OU graduates. (They also have producer Katie den Daas over there, too.) We were all at OU at the same time. I could have followed their paths. But, at that time, OU had a real hardcore news professor. You knew about him way before you took him. Few got out of his class with an A. I was the type of person who had to get As. When it came time to enroll in this guy’s class, there magically appeared another professor who was teaching the same course. Our very first day, I committed the most cowardly act of my life: I switched. The original professor saw me in the lobby later that day and called me “chicken shit.” At the time, I thought I had made the right decision.

But as I’ve watched den Daas, Moss, Guerra, and Fox go about their broadcast careers, I sometimes wonder “what if.” Then I realize I mispronounce so many common words (color, museum, hill) that I never would have made it in TV.

All that to say: Laura Moss was seen interviewing at Fox 4.


  • Daily Reader

    OU has a great journalism program and always has.

  • Jonathan Carpenter

    Where is Lauren going to?

  • Todd

    You forgot Kevin Malone who is also an OU grad and producer at KXAS.

  • Karla

    But I like Lauren!

  • real hardcore news professor

    You also forgot Jennifer Myers who is doing weather over at KDFW. She along with Kevin Malone (mentioned in a comment above but not in your original posting) and Katie and Keaton and Amanda all worked on “OU Nightly,” the award-winning, live television newscast produced by students. Yes, I was considered by almost everyone to be the news director. Certainly I was the faculty member with the most editorial over-sight. These five students worked very hard to hone their craft and live up to the responsibilities that come with being a broadcast journalist. I am not surprised that any of them have achieved Dallas-sized success. Nor would I call any of them, “chicken shits” (just sayin’). If FOX4 gets Laura, it will be lucky to have her. She’s another all-star from the “OU Nightly” team during the “Dana-days” (That’s me: Dana — the “real hardcore news professor”). Krista, I hope you’re happy and well.

  • Tulsa viewer

    Laura Moss is a great morning anchor. She has a great personality for a morning show. I hope they hire her! Although we would miss her here in Tulsa.

  • Hades

    Bejesus, you need some self-absorption creme…

  • Hades

    Sorry … Had a bad day. Didn’t mean it. Please disregard.

  • Justin-in

    Laura is charming, loveable, talented, and magnetic. I may be biased, not unlike the media; however, I am accurate! Come to Dallas!

  • Long Memory

    I clicked on the link and — imagine my surprise! — she’s a hot blonde. On TV. I know. Wow.