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DISD and Teach for America Announce New Leadership

By Krista Nightengale |

A couple announcements were made today regarding education in Dallas. One is that Byron Sanders, vice president of Group Excellence, a tutoring company, has been made the executive director of the Dallas Education Foundation. The foundation is the fundraising arm of DISD. I first heard of Sanders through his work at Dallas Kids First, then he snapped some photos for us at our education panel, then I heard him audition to be a speaker at TEDxSMU (that’s him in the video above).  He easily won the audience vote. He’ll be giving his full-length talk talk later this year at TEDxSMU.

The other bit of news is from Teach for America. You may (or may not) remember that the former executive director for TFA was Charles Glover. Glover was called to join superintendent Mike Miles’ cabinet and is now the chief talent and innovation officer. TFA announced this morning that Alexandra Hales, who’s been interim executive director, is officially taking Glover’s place.

I know all three people (Sanders, Glover, Hales). I’ve had coffee with them. (Well, not coffee because I rarely drink coffee, but at least water, maybe even dinner.) I’m very impressed by everything they’re doing. If we’re going to turn around DISD and Dallas education, it will be under the leadership of these three people. I think these were smart moves all around, and I wish them all luck.