• Erin Ahlfinger

    It’s only been 20 years. What could possibly be in it that people (who are old enough to care about time capsule contents) couldn’t find in the back of their closets anyway? VHS copies of Wayne’s World and the second Home Alone movie? A Ross Perot campaign button? A pack of cigarettes with a price tag that reads $1.62? They should have opened it on the date it was marked just in case someone had planned to try to swipe an autographed poster of the cast of Married…with Children out of it, but still, a 20 year time capsule is silly.

  • Daniel

    I lived in Denton at the time this was buried. I have no memory of it. I’m guessing it contains magazines with cover stories bemoaning the new generation gap between Boomers and the newly-christened Generation X (it was all strictly trumped up), several pairs of big black shorts and some ticket stubs to Alice In Chains or Guns’n’Roses. If I had anything to do with it, it would contain two sheets of that really strong “Zodiac” acid and a pair of Julie Jimenez’s panties. But I didn’t — and and 1992 is one of the years I actually remember.

    Rest assured, the non-opening of this time capsule is more of an event than its creation and entombment ever were.

  • @Erin Hardly silly. The value depends on the audience — was the time capsule intended for the good of future citizens who would be born after we die? O was it intended as a nice treat to those working at FNB in 1992 that might actually still be alive to reminisce?

    I’m related to 2 different time capsules in Denton. The first was buried at Bruce Hall in 1997 as part of its 50th anniversary celebration, with the intention to open it in 50 years (April 9, 2047 — you’re all invited). We chose this date because it was long enough for the contents to become historically interesting yet short enough that all of us had a chance to be present at its unearthing — and perhaps provide some fun insight.

    The other time capsule is my personal one, which I buried on my last day of college in 2000. I started building it in 1997 after being inspired by the Bruce Hall time capsule. I intend it open it 25 years later (in 2022). This time capsule is not for anyone else but my — it was buried as future entertainment to myself, much as I suspect the FNB time capsule was buried in the same spirit.

    So, hardly silly, unless you think it was buried for anyone but them. Send me your email address, and we’ll invite you to the opening of these two capsules — because unlike bankers, I won’t forget to open mine!