Dallas Mavericks Sending Dirk Nowitzki Bobblehead To Space Because, Sure, OK

It’s happening soon. Like, at 3 today. [UPDATE: Or maybe already happened? I don’t know. Countdown clock was for today. I will take the word of the two-thirds of the people who commented on this already, not counting me.] It has a camera attached, or something. Honestly, I’m not positive what’s going on. Is anyone? Anyway, this reminds me the Mavs kick off their season in just about a month. And, also: I SEE YOU (in space), (little) BIG GERMAN.


  • File this under: “Hippy stoners infiltrate Mavs marketing team.”

  • cbs

    I thought they did this already?

  • Brandon

    This happened several weeks ago.

    • @Brandon: I’m sure you’re right. The countdown was to today, though, and honestly, I’m so confused that — whatever, basketball’s almost back.