Zombies Invade Dallas Arts District

Pulling into the Dallas Arts District garage this morning, I noticed a large vehicle with a picture of a zombie and the words “A. Zombie For President” painted on the side.

Turns out it was part of a publicity stunt for AMC, trying to pressure the Dish Network to pay increased fees to carry the network. Its most popular program, you see, is The Walking Dead, and they’re trying to raise awareness of the fact that Dish subscribers can’t see the show’s upcoming new season.

Just now the Dallas Arts District account tweeted out the related video that I’ve embedded above.  Note to the videographer, and to all makers of cell-phone videos for that matter:  Please, please turn your phone sideways when you’re shooting video. Have you ever seen a TV screen or computer monitor with a portrait orientation?


  • Wow…that is awesome. I can’t see the video though. boo. I’m so glad I don’t have Dish Network!