Woman Sues Dallas Cowboys Over Hot Seat

How do you not realize you’re suffering third-degree burns?

Jennelle Carrillo, who lives in Cleburne, is suing the Cowboys and team owner Jerry Jones over third-degree burns she suffered on her buttocks after sitting on a black marble bench at Cowboys Stadium two years ago while waiting for the debut Blue & Silver scrimmage.

Carrillo was hospitalized and had to have skin grafts, according to a lawsuit filed in a Tarrant County civil court late last week.
“It was hot enough to produce third-degree burns through her clothing that day,” said Mike Wash, the Austin attorney representing Carrillo. “She did not stay for the scrimmage. I’m surprised there aren’t more reports of burn injuries from sitting on those dark black benches.”

Rich Dalrymple, a spokesman for the Dallas Cowboys, said it is policy not to comment on litigation.

The high temperature was 101 degrees that day. A reminder of what third-degree burns mean:

Third-degree burns go through the dermis and affect deeper tissues. They result in white or blackened, charred skin that may be numb.


  • LJT

    “I’m surprised there aren’t more reports of burn injuries from sitting on those dark black benches” Because MOST people don’t sit on them until they fry their fat asses you dipshit! And “dark black” as opposed to “light black”? Sounds like two morons found each other. Please let the judge rule that she has to pay the legal fees the Dallas Cowboys when (I hope) he tosses this piece of crap lawsuit out.

  • Stells

    As someone who has recently recovered from a third degree burn, I don’t see how it could go from 1st to 3rd degree over the course of a few days. Granted, I’m no doctor, but my burn was clearly a third degree burn immediately after the accident. I’ve never had a burn be worse three days later.

  • JB

    That’s Romo’s seat this season if the Cowboys don’t at least make the 2nd round of the playoffs..

  • I’m driving over to Cowboys Stadium to sit on those benches, so I can join the lawsuit. Class action!

  • GMOM

    Why did it take her 2 years to sue? Isn’t there a Statute of Limitations on burned buns? Are the marble? benches still there? I don’t get it!!

  • D

    I have had a third degree burn before on my leg. Motorcycle accident. For an idiot to sit on any type of seat long enough to get third degree burns is amazing. You can get third degree burns by placing your hand on a stove top or your grill. You do not get third degree burns because you move your hand off of the heat because it hurts. She sat there and burned her ass until it burned the skin off and burned muscle? She had to be the most trashed person ever.

  • Helen Lovejoy

    Baby Gurl 23 is #notimpressed