Where Airplanes Doused Dallas With Bug Spray

The scribblings of a madman?
The scribblings of a madman?

Last night two planes rained down poison upon much of central, east, and northern Dallas, just as the League of Shadows had arranged. They were supposed to get over into areas east of the city as well, but rain prevented them from finishing the job. That’s why only a portion of that zone pictured on the city’s map above (showing where last night’s aerial bombardment was to have covered and where it actually did) has been colored in with purple (or is that pink?)

Tonight four planes will be on the job to finish this block and expand into a much bigger chunk of Dallas County. The mayor and the county judge are supposed to be having a press conference about tonight’s spraying, right about right now. Find the details that the city has released here.


  • Ack

    So, has anyone asked what the results were of the chemical spraying followed by rain? I’m guessing nothing against spread of WNV but an assload of chemicals washed into the watershed.

  • Briana

    Hi, yeah I was wondering the same thing.