Tux Challenge Day 8: Ready for the 19th Hole

tux18bWill you be disappointed if I tell you that I have not been wearing patent leather tux shoes? I have not been wearing patent leather tux shoes. Well, I wore them to the funeral. But otherwise I’ve worn the pair of black Reeboks (provided by Reebok) that you see in this photo. This exception was negotiated before the Great Tuxedo Challenge of 2012, brought to you by Patron XO Cafe, with special help from Al’s Formal Wear, began. If you must know, I’ve got a condition called plantar fibromatosis, which, in turn, is exacerbated by a case of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Bottom line: my right foot isn’t right. Zac gave me permission to go with more comfortable kicks. If my feet, in your eyes, diminish the feat, then so be it.

Which brings me to the shirt. In an effort to NASCAR up this thing as much as possible, we landed a shirt sponsor, too. Kevin Lavelle hooked me up with one of his new Mizzen+Main numbers. Raya wrote about them on ShopTalk awhile back. Think about your favorite moisture-wicking golf shirt. Now imagine if someone turned that golf shirt into a button-down dress shirt. That’s what we’re talking about here. Pretty genius. And perfect for playing TopGolf. (Note: Rule No. 15, Subsection B, stipulates that while swinging a club, the tuxedo jacket need not be worn. Rest assured that when it wasn’t my turn, I was fully dressed.) On a number of occasions when I have gone with the purple vest and tie option, I have worn under that vest the Mizzen+Main shirt. Highly recommended. Not the vest, the shirt.

Eight days, dear friends. Eight.


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  • Tim, I think it is totally ok for you to wear comfortable shoes. You and I have something in common. My right foot was operated on when I was in the Army. They basically shaved the top of my foot down so it would fit inside a boot. Good times….
    So I know wearing a tux for 30 days is a challenge in itself. Heck, wearing comfortable shoes ought to be a requirement. No sense in feeling bad all over.

  • Golfnfashion

    Tim, there’s space in our tee time at Stevens Park tomorrow afternoon if you’d like to play formally. Appropriate footwear required.

    • @Golfnfashion: Kind of you to offer, but we are on deadline for the October issue.

  • Christine Rogers

    I think it’s a little weird talking about your foot in people’s eyes.

  • Grant

    If “wicking” had was a verb describing an action unique to the publisher of this magazine, what would it be?


  • RAB


    Tim’s foot is frequently in his mouth, but I’ve never seen it in someone’s eyes. Is this something he does at home?

  • IttyBittyWussy

    Before this thing ends, can we get just one more 7 a.m. pic from inside Kroger? That was best so far.

  • John B

    Should be wearing patent leather shoes and are you drinking Patron XO between swings? Like the pink top.