Tux Challenge Day 24: Don’t Shine a Black Light on It

tux24Wednesday night, I went to Oak for the first time. Can’t recommend the place highly enough. What a pleasant experience. For my main course, I had the roasted duck breast with sunchoke, baby leeks, and foie gras flan. Simply amazing. But I think some of it got away from me. Well, I mean, I know some of it got away from me, because the next morning I had a crusty stain on my trousers. And here I should point out that I’ve already gone through all the Monica Lewinsky’s dress jokes in my head. You don’t need to put them in the comments. Anyway, this morning, Zac pointed out a couple more stains that I hadn’t noticed. Pretty sure that’s foie gras flan.

Having never before, to my knowledge, eaten foie gras flan, much less spilled it on myself, I don’t know what sort of dry cleaning challenge it presents. I’ve done my best with wet towels to tidy up, but clearly this tuxedo could benefit from the work of a professional. Thing is, I’m almost there. Seven days. That is all that remains of the Great Tuxedo Challenge of 2012, brought to you by Patron XO Cafe, with special help from Al’s Formal Wear. I am not inclined to clean the tux. The shirts are another matter. I’ve got four of them in rotation. Actually, five, if you count the space-age dry-fit dress shirt. Three of them are freshly laundered. I’m set in that department. But I’m afraid that this foie gras flan schmutz is with me till the bitter end.


  • towski

    Schmutz. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  • TLS

    Feet problems, gastrointestinal issues, sweat, protein stains. You’re grossing me out, man.

  • @TLS: Just remember: you only have to read about it; I have to live it.