Tux Challenge Day 22: Single Digits, Dude

Today is a momentous day. No longer am I staring at a double-digit time clock. At 8:45 tonight, I will pour myself a Patron XO Cafe on ice with Dr Pepper (a drink I just invented, called El Oso Pardo) to celebrate the fact that I have but nine days remaining in the Great Tuxedo Challenge of 2012.

One more thing, and I’ll let you go. Here’s the beginning of a conversation I have at least once a day:

Person: “You lose a bet?”

Me: “No. I’m winning a bet.”


  • Me

    I think we are all winning

  • IttyBittyWussy

    This has been highly entertaining.

  • charlie sheen

    That’s my line

  • Katy

    Really enjoying all the updates. I’d say you are giving Al’s and Patron a run for their money.

  • Eric Celeste

    Did Patron XO realize the quality of the posts were somehow tied to the high temperatures? IJS.