Tux Challenge Day 21: Going National

Mike Darling is a man with a great name. He is also a former D Magazine intern and current Men’s Health senior editor. As such, Mike has been following the Great Tuxedo Challenge of 2012 from New York City. He has been duly impressed. So duly, in fact, that he posted an item about the challenge on the Style News blog of Men’s Health. Please enjoy the Q&A in which I use potty language as I profess my love for Zac and explain the difference between a bespoke and rental tuxedo.


  • Amy S

    -1 for not using roblet during the interview.
    +1 for “it was spun from downy hairs plucked from the navels of angels who were once bikini models”.

  • TLS

    I had never heard the word “bespoke” until now so finally, FINALLY, I have found value in this tuxedo challenge.

  • I am going to be very sad when this challenge ends. I look forward to it daily.

    What’s the next challenge? A sombrero? Overalls?