Tux Challenge Day 17: Happiness Is a Warm Tux

To be completely honest, there were two times today when I thought I might pass out. I offer a picture and the promise that I’ll give you a better dispatch on Monday morning, after I’ve had time to recuperate.



  • TLS

    Are you sure that pic isn’t photoshopped? The background coloring looks so 1974.

    • @TLS: Instagram pic. Earlybird filter.

  • RAB

    A proper “tux cap” would consist of a black 120-thread-count wool crown with a satin bill and a satin circumference ribbon exactly half an inch above the bill — or an all black wool cap and satin bill with a stitched gold, crimson, and royal blue coat of arms centered on the front of the crown.

    In other words, you’ve blown the bet. Zac wins. No Brioni tux for you. Douche.

  • @RAB: Agree to disagree.

  • ket

    @RAB; I was thinking the opposite: A proper shooting tux would have had a cummerbund and tie in the exact same camo pattern as the hat. Not a breach in the bet, but certainly a misstep style wise.

  • jackie dale pinson

    Tim has taken perfection to an entire new level. Praise his name. Praise it now. And forever more.