Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 27

They have something to sing about.

I have a friend from college who I like very much. She’s from the Houston area, but now lives somewhere near Los Angeles. She’s also the only absolutely sincere Linkin Park fan I know (and as soon as I type this, maybe some will come out of the woodwork). And I feel like this is fine, more or less, considering that I’m a pretty sincere Hanson fan. We all have our crosses to bear.

Anyway, Linkin Park has a concert tonight, co-starring Incubus in a pageant of emotional pain from the early 2000s. Both bands have new material that I’m sure they’re eager to share, but clearly the only reason to go is to hear “My December” and “Drive.” There are still a few tickets left.

Also this evening, which is turning out to have a decidedly musical bent, is Music From the Big House at the Texas Theatre. It’s a documentary about blues singer Rita Chiarelli’s trip to the Louisiana State Penitentiary, a maximum security prison that was once a plantation, and the concert given by the inmates. It’s not a regular Texas Theatre screening, either–rather, it was part of this Gathr Films thing in which individual people can organize screenings of a film they want to see, provided a certain number of folks express interest by purchasing tickets. Enough people wanted to see this doc, and you can still get tickets at the box office.

Elsewhere in Oak Cliff, intrepid reporter Andrew Plock of Oak Cliff People tells us that if you head to Chicken Scratch tonight, you can witness the Champagne “christening” of something called a Möbius Bench. It’s basically a cool tunnel for you to sit in while you do whatever it is you do on a regular park bench, talk about beef stew or something maybe. But it’s also art, and part of the Fort Worth Avenue Redevelopment efforts. I tell you, if you go to Chicken Scratch after the movie, get the hummus but bring your own pita chips. For some reason, this delicious homemade hummus is served with saltine crackers, and it’s weird.

For more to do tonight, go here.


  • Jaqi

    Uhhhhh ok…I believe your “article” is horrible. Yes, you have the right to state your opinion, but good Lord. There are more than just 1 LP/Incubus fan in the world. Also, where is the rule that says eating hummus with anything but pita chips, is weird? You must be a really boring person.