Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 22

Rodeo clowns.
Rodeo clowns.

The National Endowment for the Arts just gave Shakespeare Dallas money to bring Shakespeare to Title I high schools. Meanwhile, presidential nominee Mitt(ens) Romney has big plans for the NEA, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and PBS, institutions that help people become and remain thinking and feeling humans. I recommend reading Alyssa Rosenburg’s piece on Think, which reminds us that “talking about cutting arts funding is a diversionary tactic, both in terms of the amount of money that would actually be saved by doing so, and in terms of a philosophical discussion about what the proper funding of government is.” Cool. Looks like Aaron Sorkin got one thing right.

Coincidentally, this morning I found this wonderful study via The Hairpin that concludes that artists report higher job satisfaction than non-artists. Of course, the study was conducted in Germany. However, The Texas Theatre, right here in Oak Cliff, offers a little art-inspired relaxation for you. Tonight, at the lobby bar, Julie McCoullough of Make will act as art teacher/guide, supplying additional supplies and inspiration if you need it (but of course, feel free to BYO). The theme of the evening was supposed to be a secret, but the Texas Theatre’s Facebook event page for this dropped way too big of a hint. I’m about to spoil it for you. Ready? Look away if you want to be surprised. It’s The Wizard of Oz, which the theater will screen later this week. My Glinda the Good Witch wand could probably use some more glitter.

Elsewhere in Oak Cliff, there’s a thing called the Disco Chicken Solstice Rodeo. Wait, that’s wrong. It’s the Dallas Solstice Disco Rodeo at Chicken Scratch. Both sound great, frankly. It’s a bit costly to attend ($55), but kids are free with parental units and the weather is perfect for an fundraising party featuring samba dancers, rodeo clowns, balloon twisters, and spin artists. Dallas Solstice is a planned three-week art festival that ends in a parade set to take place in June of next year, when it will again be hot as blazes out. The ticket price tonight helps get the fest off the ground.

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  • Avid Reader

    Thank goodness the NEA is there to help me “become and remain [a] thinking and feeling human”.

  • M.RN

    All those organizations that say cutting their funding won’t make a difference, totality it will. That’s like someone saying whats the point of voting, I won’t make a difference! And I’ve been involved in theater most of my life…but sacrifices need to be made right now.