They Turned Denton’s Fry Street Into Plano, Ctd.

Wait, did I speak too soon?  The University of North Texas has an exciting announcement:

UNT is battling the epic heat with a new Emery Thompson batch freezer capable of producing 44 quarts of delicious ice cream in just over ten minutes.

The university decided to invest in the largest batch freezer available commercially last year in an effort to provide quality, all-natural frozen treats to students and the UNT community as a whole. This fall will be the first full semester that dining services will exclusively offer the UNT-made ice cream during dinner and late-night services at Kerr Hall, the university’s largest dining hall. Prepackaged containers of the ice cream currently are being offered as “Scrappy’s Ice Cream” in the University Union. The old standbys of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are always offered, but dining also is offering a specialty flavor in the dining hall each night. So far, specialty flavors have included chocolate covered avocado, pineapple cilantro, candied ginger and apple pie ice cream.

Dining says that as far as they can tell, UNT is the first university in Texas to move to in-house ice cream.

Who said Denton ever lost its funk?  And did UNT just take the lead in the race to become Dallas-Fort Worth’s first great university?


  • MeanGreen

    Another reason to add to the list of why Denton is the coolest spot in DFW

  • Fletch

    Chocolate-covered avacado ice cream?! That’s revolting.